The home of some of the most powerful and intoxicating whiskies in the world. The whisky here tastes like no other, it has smell a peat reek that cries out sea, salt, peat fires burning slowly and warming the coldest of bodies on a wild windy night.The peatiness of a whisky is measured in parts per million (ppm) Bunnahabhain acknowledged as the lightest Islay has the lowest level whilst Lagavulin has undoubtably the highest. In 2007 The Whiskymouse visited Islay and the distilles and met the people that made the whisky so special. And as someone once said `I`ll be back.`And in 2014 we did indeed return.Islay really is a truly special place that`s beauty is only matched by the hospitality of the local`s and the warmth of their welcome. Regardless of which is your own favourite all whiskies on Islay are worth a try.

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