Scotch Whiskies

Single Malts

The holy grail of Whisky. Single Malts by definition are from a single distillery. However these too can be described in a number of ways. Dependent on age and strength.


Grain Whiskies

A different breed altogether Grain Whisky made from corn, barley or typically wheat. Grain whiskies are lighter in style than Single Malts but definitely worth a try.


Blended Malts

Not a Single malt, or a blended whisky but a blend of singles carefully selected and married together to form a different class and breed of whisky altogether.



Blended Whisky often maligned as being a poor second to real single malt whisky. However nothing could be further from the truth. If blended whisky did not exist then quite simply neither would the vast majority of the distilleries in operation today. Over 90% of all single malt whisky produced will end up in a blended whisky. The Whiskymouse has a carefully selected range of blends available which all have their own style and character.


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