Scotch Whiskies

The home of the world's greatest drink and to some 90 working distilleries. And literally thousands of blends.

To be called a Scotch Whisky the whisky must meet a number of legal requirements.

The whisky must be distilled in Scotland.It must be matured for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels and it must have a ABV of not less than 40%.


Irish Whiskey

The oldest known Whiskey producing region in the world. The origins of Irish whisky are shrouded in the mists of time. Legend has it that whisky production was brought to Scotland from Ireland by St. Patrick in AD 500.

What is without doubt though is that the oldest distillery in the world is Bushmills founded in 1608.

Irish Whiskey differs from its Scottish counterpart in a number of ways.

The ingrediants used will differ slightly Irish water and barley having their own flavours. Crucially Irish Whiskey is triple distilled resulting in a smooth and light style of whiskey. Finally their is also an absence of the smokieness that you find in Scottish Whisky.
Whatever,Irish whiskey is without doubt worth taking the time to examine and get to know.


American Whiskey

Whisky production in the US has a long and illustrious history which has gone through peaks, troughs prohibition and is home to some of the worlds leading whiskies.
American whiskey does have its own style and classification of whisky.

Bourbon: A small area of Kentucky. Bourbon is American Whiskey made from a minimum of 51% corn with rye and malted barley. The spirit is always matured in new casks that have been charred.

Tennessee: This whiskey has filtered through charcoal to give a mellower taste.

Bourbons must mature for a minimum of 2 years and if less than 4 it must be shown on the bottle.


Canadian Whisky

Generally of a lighter and sweeter style than Scottish Malts. Canadian whisky tends to use malted rye. Like Scotch whisky Canadian whisky by law has to be matured for a minimum of 3 years.


Japanese Whisky

Whisky production started in Japan in the early 1920`s and was spearheaded by Masataka Taketsuru who worked in distilleries in Scotland he went on to start his own distiller Nikka.

Japan belive it or not, is the third largest whisky producing country in the world.

One of the very best Whiskies that the Whiskymouse has tasted recently is the 18 year old from Yamazaki. A real find.


Worldwide Whiskies

Scotlands greatest export has been its people.Throughout the ages as Scots travelled the world they made sure that their whisky went with them. Immigrant Scots and Irish helped establish a thriving whisky drinking whisky culture. Whisky is now produced in many countries. The Whiskymouse has selected these, that are definitely worth a close inspection.


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