The word Brandy originates from the Dutch word Brandewijn meaning burnt wine.
Cognac is a specific area in western France where the grapes used are from.

Armagnac is made from different grapes in a different process and in many ways has a totally different taste, but is equally as delicious



Originating from the Dutch word Genever meaning Juniper Gin is distilled from grain. Gin has juniper and botanicals including citrus peels, roots and spices to produce a refreshing drink. Best served long and cold with tonic and a slice of lime.



Rum is a spirit produced from from sugar cane.Once only seen served with coke new Rums are now being produced to match the very finest of other spirits. Can also make a great base for a wide range of cocktails.



Traditionally Vodka was made in Russia from potatoes. However it is now produced in a wide range of countries and can come from cereals such as wheat and maize. The spirit is filtered through charcoal to help get rid of any impurities. Best served very cold. Nazdowie!



At the Whiskymouse we have a select band of liqueurs that are great on their own or make the perfect base to some fantastic cocktails.


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