About Whisky

About Whisky

Question. Whats the best way to enjoy whisky?

Answer. Anyway you want it !

Whisky is a simple drink, but it can have incredibly complex tastes and flavours, and if you want to put coke, orange juice or ginger in it then good for you.

However with something as special as a single malt it is worth getting the best out of it. Most whisky is bottled at 40-43%ABV, this is best drunk with a small splash of good quality still water.

Whisky that is bottled at Cask Strength with a strength of up to 68%ABV is almost always best enjoyed again with a equal measure of still water.

Scotch Whisky
To be called a Scotch Whisky their a number of legal requirements. The whisky must be distilled in Scotland, It must be matured for a minimum of 3 years in oak barrels and it must have a ABV of not less than 40%

Single Malts
The holy grail of Whisky. Single Malts by definition are from a single distillery. However these too can be described in a number of ways.
Dependent on age and strength.

A mixture of malt whisky and grain whisky (made from wheat and distilled in a continuous process rather than batches). Blends can cover a wide range of styles and tastes.

Vatted malts
A combination of single malt whiskies that have been blended together

What is also without doubt a good idea is to to use a proper glass to drink from.

Luckily The Whiskymouse has a supply of Glencairn whisky tasting glasses that have been specifically produced with the job in mind.

Glencairn Whisky Glass


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